Kindergarten Talk

We got the kindy call for Elizabeth on Monday and she starts kindy next week. She is cautiously excited about it. We have spent the week visiting and getting familiar with the place (she does know it quite well from Daniel’s time there). For the first time in more than 6 years, I will have regular child-free time. What am I going to do with myself?

It seems Daniel has a reputation at Elizabeth’s kindy. On one of our visits this week, a little girl (who has a big sister in Daniel’s class at school), told the teacher that, “Elizabeth’s brother is so funny”. The teacher asked her why. Her reply, “because he does toilet talk”. I can’t imagine who he inherited that from.

Ben is an examiner for a PhD student in England. This involves reading and marking a thesis and listening and responding to the oral exam. Since the student is in England, the oral exam was conducted via video conferencing. The time difference meant that the student’s talk began at 10pm our time and because our computer lives in the living room, I was privy to the talk and part of the discussion which I didn’t understand any of. But it did mean that I could not waltz about in pajamas or watch tv or generally make a nuisance of myself. At one stage I got hungry and wanted to make some toast. I never realised how noisy removing a slice of bread from a plastic bag could be. Ben gave me a look. The sort of look you might give someone in a cinema when they start rustling through a bag of lollies. Then Freud started with his smoker’s cough, a consequence of his heart disease. As the people at the other end of the conference did know about Freud, I can only assume they thought it was me coughing, spluttering and clearing my throat in the background. After that I thought it best to lock myself in the bedroom. Ben continued on until 2am. How does he do it?

5 Replies to “Kindergarten Talk”

  1. I agree that Ben is magnificent. But then so are you, except for your toilet humour which is apparently a transmitable disease!!

    1. You’re definitely missing out by not appreciating humour from the loo.

  2. Four hours must have been exhausting for Ben. As for toilet humour, it’s actually genetic and comes from the Meredith side of the family. Max — how can you not like toilet humour? It’s the best fun! 🙂 Will be interested to see how you ‘cope’, Rachel, with your new free time. Perhaps a few more lovely creations?

  3. At least we can spell on our side – pyjamas (English spelling, not U.S.) and transmittable.

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