Happy birthday, Daniel!

Just before midnight tonight, 6 years ago, Daniel was born. Happy birthday, Daniel!

He got to open his presents from us this morning. I crocheted him a solar system. It’s not to scale and the planets have eyes and smiles which is not very scientific, but he loves it. IMG_1229

It is now a project for him to string them together and hang them up. I suspect they’ll be played with for a bit first and probably taken to bed with him for the next few nights.

The kids are sponsoring a rooster each at an animal sanctuary just north of Auckland called Arborfield Sanctuary. Daniel is sponsoring a rooster called Kevin who was rescued from Albany after complaints about his crowing. Elizabeth is sponsoring Edward who is small and feisty just like her.

I sometimes hear it said that people who care about the welfare of animals, do so at the expense of people. It’s as though they think we cannot or should not help animals when there are so many people who suffer. I don’t like suffering of any kind, be it of human animals or non-human animals. But as a sort of retort to this, we also sponsor a human child. So there.