Daniel’s girlfriends

Daniel plays with two little Korean girls every day at school. According to his teacher, they adore him. The other day Daniel’s teacher said they were both sitting next to him at lunch, but so close to him that they were practically sitting on him. She told the girls to give him a bit of space and added that she didn’t think he liked it. Daniel piped up, “Yes, I do”.

I’ve just crocheted a bowl of fruit:

2 thoughts on “Daniel’s girlfriends

  1. How wonderful to hear that Daniel has ardent admirers at kindy. Funny story. How's Daniel's speech therapy going? Re the crocheting, you are so talented! Have you thought of crocheting Xmas decorations? B

  2. The school has only just sent in the referral for the speech therapist and it will probably take a few months before someone comes to help him out. I'll keep you posted!I have done a few Christmas decorations in the past. Perhaps nearer the end of the year I'll make some more.

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