Scottish poetry and highland dancing

I managed to clock up over 12,000 steps on my Fitbit yesterday while sitting on my butt. It's not like the last time I boasted about doing¬†exercise without doing any exercise - last time I really did exercise, thanks to active travel. However yesterday we used the car-club car to get around and so I… Continue reading Scottish poetry and highland dancing

How to get exercise without doing any exercise

I've started wearing my Fitbit again and yesterday, without doing any exercise at all, I managed to clock up 15,427 steps and 87 minutes of moderate activity in one day. Now before you get all excited about the possibility of getting exercise while Netflix cruising on the sofa, let me explain what I mean. Yesterday… Continue reading How to get exercise without doing any exercise

Single-function devices and other things

You know those times when you have a brilliant idea that you're convinced everyone will love? But when you pitch it no-one else is remotely interested? Or those times you learn something new¬†and it feels like you've always known it and that everyone else should also know it but you forget that most other people… Continue reading Single-function devices and other things