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  • Chocolate almond cake recipe

    Chocolate almond cake recipe

    I’ve had a request for my chocolate cake recipe. This is what I make with the almond pulp which is leftover from making almond milk. You can use any flour in this recipe. I have used so many different types over the past couple of months because the shops have run out of regular wheat […]

  • Doing nothing

    Doing nothing

    I’m not very good at doing nothing. All my life I’ve dashed around in a frantic state of constant busy-ness. Work fills the weekdays, kid stuff the evenings, and weekends we ferry kids around to activities or go exploring in the highlands. Since the start of the lockdown, our weekends have changed and I’ve been […]

  • Scolty Hill

    Scolty Hill

    Next to the village of Banchory, which is about 18 miles from Aberdeen, is Scolty Hill. Desperate to get out of the house and into the countryside I suggested we go there after lunch and walk to the summit. It was a superb outing. The walk is about 1.5 hours and not too strenuous. There […]

  • Vegan toothpaste and poo cake (a.k.a choc-mint slice)

    This recipe is too good not to share, is very easy to make and uses ingredients that most of us already have in the pantry. Biscuit base 1/2 cup rice bran oil 3 weetbix 1 tbsp cocoa 1 tsp baking powder 170g flour 85g sugar Peppermint icing 1 cup icing sugar 2 tsp peppermint essence […]

  • Road works and Daniel's party

    Street Maintenance Auckland Transport has spent the last week ripping up the footpaths and kerbs on our street and replacing them with new footpaths and kerbs. I can’t think why they’re doing this as the footpaths and kerbs looked fine to me before. What I find even more frustrating is the absence of a cycle […]

  • Happy birthday, Elizabeth

    Happy birthday to gorgeous Elizabeth, who turned 3 today! We had a lovely party for her at home with lots of good friends to celebrate with. I made her a koala cake: Freud helped open the presents: The decorations went up along with pin-the-nose on the koala: Yummy food: Family shot with Daniel showing us […]