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  • Bees, gulls and Grenfell fire

    Bees, gulls and Grenfell fire

    On the pavement outside our house is a tiny bit of dirt beneath a lone tree. The council usually spray the pavement and after years of losing plants this way I now have a sign there. I was delighted today to find two bees feeding from this tiny garden. You can see one of the […]

  • Summer bounty

    Summer bounty

    I’ve got a lovely thistle in the garden that’s blooming right now and bees love it. Isn’t this much nicer than featureless paving stones and grass? It’s supporting the bee population too. I’ve discovered another use for the bumper crop of plums we’ve got: plum crumble. This was delicious! We’re also swimming in tomatoes so […]

  • Bees and toads

    Bees and toads

    I can only get to the allotment once per week but it changes so much with each visit. My courgettes are cropping in abundance. I’m not sure what to do with them all. I also got my first tomatoes and cucumbers of the season. I have heaps and heaps of kale. More than we could […]

  • Sunflowers and cucumbers

    I have a sunflower at last! One of the flowers opened up in the rain today. It was one of the smaller, sickly-looking plants so I was not expecting to get a flower out of it at all but here it is with a bee hard at work. It’s lovely. We also picked our first cucumber today. […]