Photos of Glen Esk, Fettercairn, and Fasque House

This is a collection of photos of Edzell and surrounds from the past two days. This is the gorge in the River North Esk looking downstream towards Gannochy Bridge. Incidentally we think we’ve been pronouncing Gannochy incorrectly. It’s not like the potato pasta – ga-nocchi – but more like the thing you blow your nose with – hankey but gann-o-key.

The view looking downstream to Gannochy bridge on a sunny day.
Elizabeth posing in front of Gannochy bridge.

In my previous post about the walk along this river we walked upstream through the blue door but you can also walk downstream of the bridge which is just as lovely. There’s a ruin along the way. This is a late 18th century folly (a building with no purpose) built by Lord Adam Gordon.

A ruin in the forest.

A rickety old wooden suspension bridge which is aptly named the Shakin Brig will let you cross the river at Edzell and walk along the other bank. In this next photo Ben is looking at a dog that accompanied us. When we started our walk the dog was on strike because the owner wanted to walk downstream while the dog wanted to walk upstream. He refused to move and she was just stood there patiently waiting. I’ve never seen such an obstinate dog especially where a walk is concerned. Eventually he accepted it and went bounding along, going for a swim along the way.

Ben looking at a black dog next to the entrance to the Shakin Brig.

The next two photos we took in Glen Esk this morning.

A rural scene with sheep in the field at the front and hills in the background. A clear blue sky is overhead.
Rural scene with green fields and sheep in the distance. Daniel is in the foreground taking a photo.

We saw a squashed adder on the road. Adders are native to the UK and the only venomous snake found here. They tend to shy away from humans so I have never seen one before. I don’t think a dead one counts. Please drive slowly and look out for wildlife.

Dead adder on the road.

We also did the Fettercairn-Fasque circular walk which starts in the cute village of Fettercairn. We saw two toads, one hitching a ride on the other. I’ve read that males often piggyback on female toads like this.

A large toad with a smaller toad on its back.
A forest swamp.

This is Fasque House, a stately home built in 1809. It was owned by the Gladstone family for many years and former 19th century prime minister, William Gladstone, spent a great deal of time there. Today it offers 5-star accommodation and a venue for films and weddings.

It’s in a lovely spot with nice views. There’s a chapel on the grounds and it’s a short walk to the village of Fettercairn through forest. I imagine it’s a lovely place to stay for a holiday or wedding.

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