A selfie of the three of us with a view behind us looking down from the summit of Creag Choinnich.

A walk in the forest and up a hill

We went for a lovely long walk in the forest near Braemar today then finished it off with a walk to the summit of Creag Choinnich. We don’t usually do both walks in one go – we usually either do the forest or the hill but the kids were both keen today and we all loved being out in nature.

The paths were icy in places making it treacherous but this added to the adventure. It’s also good for balance training.

Daniel stopping for a drink at a bench next to the an icy path
Elizabeth and Daniel smiling for the camera with snow-covered hills behind them.
Rachel doing her jumping shot in the snow
Daniel and Elizabeth walking along the icy path

It’s always nice to enjoy a view at the end of a walk.

A misty view of Braemar from near the top of Creag Choinnichg.
Daniel enjoying the view from the top
A selfie of the three of us with the lovely view in the background
Daniel and Elizabeth on Creag Choinnich admiring the view
A misty view of hills with snow
Pile of rocks at the top of Creag Choinnich

Near the bottom on the way down I did eventually slip but there wasn’t even snow or ice there. I took my eye off the ball because I thought we were in the clear and I ended up hitting my shin on a rock. It’s fine now but I’ll probably have a bruise there tomorrow.

Longs walks in nature are so good for health and wellbeing. We all loved it. If only we could do it every day.

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