Ben and Rachel on Christmas Day

The 12 outfits of Christmas 2022

We spent Christmas at home this year with friends and it has been lovely. The kids are definitely teenagers now as they didn’t wake up until after 9am. Gone are the days of them jumping out of bed at 6am with excitement about presents. I think they were still excited but they also like their sleep.

Elizabeth opening a present with Daniel watching.

Ben bought me a skirt with foxes on it. He’s got surprisingly good taste in clothes.

Me wearing a green skirt with foxes on it.

For lunch I made haggis. I usually make a nut roast but the kids don’t like that very much and they do like my haggis. Haggis also contains sage, nutmeg, and allspice which give it a festive flavour.

The table set and ready for food.

We also had roast potatoes, parsnips, sweet potato, Brussels sprouts with chickpeas and kale, peas, cranberry sauce, and whisky sauce.

The food.

Scott, Alison, Ben, Daniel, Elizabeth, and Rachel standing behind the table smiling and about to sit down to eat.

Alison took some nice photos of me and Ben.

Rachel and Ben smiling

I’m wearing my Tess Daly rose pink jumpsuit and Ben is wearing a new jumper he got for Christmas.

Another photo of Rachel and Ben

After lunch we played Trial by Trolley which is a game based on the trolley problem thought experiment where you have to decide, as the conductor of a train, which track to take and who will die. For instance, do you kill Putin on one track that also has your best friend, or to you kill the scientist who cures cancer on the other track? It was fun.

In the afternoon I went for a run and the others for a walk. Ben thinks I wore too many outfits on one day which is why this post is called the 12 outfits of Christmas but he’s exaggerating. I only wore five outfits. Here’s the fourth: my running dress.

Rachel in her running clothes after just returning from a run.

Here’s my fifth outfit which is a matching jumper and short sets from Ben. Perfect for lounging on the sofa while writing a blog post and watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Rachel on the sofa in her new jumper and shorts.

Have the hap-hap-happiest Christmas everyone!

5 thoughts on “The 12 outfits of Christmas 2022”

  1. I like all your outfits. I don’t have much sense of style myself – I tend to be mostly a jeans and tee-shirt person. Maybe if I liked shopping I’d ‘upstyle’ myself a bit more 🙂 I’m impressed that not only has Ben got a good sense of your style, he knows your size! I think that is quite rare 🙂

  2. Games are so good – this year we played Mah jongg as there were enough of us. I tried to help Rob, but he wanted to play a different tile: “I know what I’m doing!” followed by, “It’s not your turn.” I think computer people pick up Mah jongg very quickly. I also found a game called Sort It where you have to put things in order. It was harder for our homestay student because these games tend to be not very culturally diverse in their references, but she got the classical composers one.
    Your outfits are superb, I would happily have enjoyed looking at 12.

    1. I’ve never played Mah Jongg but my grandparents had a set when I was a child and I used to play with the tiles. Is it hard to learn? Maybe we should try it.

      1. Ha ha I used to play with the tiles as well and my kids definitely thought that the smaller sets you see can’t be as good because they wouldn’t be so good for building. Mah jongg is a good game because there is both luck and skill involved, so no one is usually much better than anyone else, but it’s very absorbing for everyone as you all wait for a match. It’s much easier if you ignore the scoring, and count a win with a “good” hand as equal to a “marginal” win, which even my homestay does! I rely on the computer to score it when I play on my app.

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