Crathes Castle lit up in pink

Christmas at the castle

We went to Crathes Castle today for a walk in the snow. The kids got out of bed very late so we didn’t get there until the early afternoon but this worked in our favour because unbeknown to us the castle was putting on a festive light show with Santa’s grotto, rides, a craft market, and food.

It didn’t start until 4pm because you need the dark to get the most out of the light show but because we arrived late we didn’t have to wait long. The event runs until the 24th December and is absolutely terrific. You can purchase tickets on their website at Christmas at the Castle.

Here are some photos from our walk earlier in the day while the sun was still out. I got my jumping shot in front of the castle.

Rachel jumping with joy in front of Crathes Castle.

I got the usual grumpy shot of Ben and tried fiddling with the exposure on my camera to get this very white image. I quite like it.

Ben looking grumpy in the snow in front of Crathes Castle.

We saw some beautiful highland cows. They looked hungry. One of them came right up to us and seemed disappointed that we didn’t have anything to give it. I’ve not seen a black highland cow before.

Black highland cow.
Highland Cow foraging in the snow for food
Small snowman on bridge with a stream in the background
Looking down through trees to the loch.

Does anyone know what type of sheep these are? They look like Bluefaced Leicester to me but I’m not 100% sure. Bluefaced Leicester wool is the softest of all the British breeds. They looked very warm in their thick woolly coats.

A flock of sheep in the snow

The kids made a snowman.

The kids kneeling next to their snowman.

After snowman building the sun disappeared and the Christmas magic began. It was spectacular, helped no doubt by the snow but also just having it set in a beautiful walled garden in front of a 16th-century castle made it an experience to remember. How lucky are we to have this on our doorstep! What wonderful memories.

Elizabeth smiling under the disco ball in the walled garden in the snow
A very colourful and bright pathway with fairy lights and Daniel in the foreground
Daniel and Elizabeth in the forest with a string of lights behind them
A beautiful tree in the distance lit up with green lights in the distance
Ben and Daniel smiling and looking green because of the green lights and upside down Santa legs in the background
Trees lit up in different colours

The Grinch was there looking grumpy.

The Grinch looking grumpy
Rachel standing under a disco ball

That’s Crathes Castle in the distance all lit up in pink.

Crathes Castle in the snow and lit up with pink lighting

Here’s the castle again all lit up in pink. This was taken from within the walled garden.

Crathes Castle in the distance and lit up with pink lighting with trees in the foreground

There are also some rides but these are mostly for smaller children. However Elizabeth did have a go on the trampoline and she enjoyed it.

Elizabeth on the trampoline

I definitely recommend Christmas at the castle if you’re looking for something family-friendly and festive. Book your tickets online.

4 thoughts on “Christmas at the castle”

  1. Sounds like you’re now getting into the teenagers-sleeping-late period. Then it will be teenagers-doing-their-own-thing period. I guess it’s mixed feelings about watching them growing up into being well-functioning young adults with their own lives, and seeing the change of an era happening. However, on this occasion their ‘teenageness’ worked in your favour, because, as you say, you got to see the fabulous light show 🙂

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