We don’t get to choose our ancestors

Yesterday I was pondering on my blog whether any of my ancestors were suffragettes. My mother-in-law told me that one of her ancestors was a signatory on the women’s suffrage petition in New Zealand to grant women the vote. She was Annabella Naumann (nee Macaulay, born in Glasgow) and she’s even recognised on the New Zealand government website. How wonderful! She’s the lovely-looking smily woman on the right in the photo below.

The blood of the suffragettes runs in the veins of my children even if it does not in my own. I knew Ben was good breeding stock.

Ben did not know about Annabella Naumann and his response when he found out was, “So my family were suffragettes and yours were convicts.”

I wonder what people 100 years from now will think of us? I suspect society will consider eating animals to be morally reprehensible in the future so to make up for the failings of my ancestors my own descendants can be proud of me for fighting for animal rights for much of my life. In 7 years I will have been vegan for more than half my life – 27 years. I want them to know also that I have supported action on climate change since last century and same-sex marriage since last century.

8 thoughts on “We don’t get to choose our ancestors”

  1. Oooh …. I’m jealous that Ben has a suffragette in his family. You’ve been vegan for longer than me, too, which is 20 years. I’ll have to sharpen up – lol!

    1. It’s 20 years for me also. I mean that in 7 years, when I’m 54, I’ll have been vegan for half my life which will be 27 years. In future I suspect humans will eat lab-grown meat but I love being vegan so much I think I will continue being plant-based.

  2. My boyfriend is very good at seeing things from women’s point of view, I am more used to having to explain to men who are very pleasant and polite but clearly still think along the lines of – women aren’t disadvantaged any more, not really. Or… “women have a tough deal, but the things I do don’t contribute to that at all.” (Even though they do.)

      1. Yesterday I went to my book group, with some very conscious men in it, and they still all expressed not liking the Hilary Mantel book as being “disappointed” by this person who was “venerated”. None of the women felt that they had been “disappointed” and I don’t remember any men saying that they had been “disappointed” by any famous male author we have read. I didn’t point this out though it’s something I might look out for in the future.

  3. I found out recently my great, great grandma owned her own house and others in Lossiemouth, and the Harbour Hotel on the harbour (now closed down). She must have been quite a woman!! Her cleaner etc was Annie Ramsay, who’s illegitimate son, Ramsay Macdonald became the first Labour Prime Minister of Britain. So, some heritage!

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