A weekend away in Angus and a trophy

We just had a wonderful weekend in Angus and in addition to the wonderful visit we made to Glamis Castle on Saturday Elizabeth brought home a trophy. Part of the reason for the trip was so Elizabeth could participate in the Forfar Highland Dance competition on Sunday. These competitions typically start in the morning and I didn’t really want to have an early start and long drive on a Sunday morning so we decided to make it a weekend away.

It was a really long day at the competition but Elizabeth danced brilliantly and won her very first trophy so she was quite rightly thrilled and proud of herself. She’s been in a few competitions so far but hasn’t won any trophies before now. On Sunday she placed in the top three in most dances including coming 2nd in the trophy fling which is an achievement and she came 3rd overall which is what she got the trophy for.

Elizabeth in her National costume smiling and holding her trophy

With each competition she’s got a little bit better and improved so it is wonderful to see her progress and get rewarded for her efforts.

The cat came away with us and seemed to really enjoy trying out new places for sleeping.

Victoria the cat looking sleeping in a basket next to the sofa
Victoria the cat sleeping on a chest of drawers

We stayed in a rural property and I was left wishing we could have stayed longer to enjoy the fresh country air but we had to return for work and school again this week. Until next time…

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