Street art for Deeside Way

Earlier this year I applied for a grant from Sustrans on behalf of the Aberdeen Cycle Forum for art on a popular walking and cycling route in Aberdeen. Sustrans have an ArtRoots fund especially for projects like this. The funding application was successful!

This was a very different campaign for me. I’ve organised protests, cycling lessons and design competitions but street art was a first. Finding an artist was quite difficult. My first contact went cold and never replied after the initial correspondence. I then explored another angle but got tangled in requirements for scaffolding and the need to put it away at the end of each day. Eventually someone recommended KMG who agreed, came up with the design, and painted it on this week.

I can’t believe it has actually happened because I nearly threw in the towel a couple of months ago when our funders weren’t happy with the first design but after a few tweaks we managed to get everyone on board. The hardest thing about projects like this is getting different stakeholders to agree.

The city council were very supportive as they’re often having to clean graffiti off these walls and street art like this reduces the risk of graffiti. It’s an unwritten rule of street art – don’t deface someone else’s work.

Each day I’ve walked down to the wall to observe progress and it has been wonderful to see the smiles of delight on the people using the pathway which is what it’s all about. I hope it will make people smile when they see it but most of all I hope it will encourage people to be physically active. Go outside and get some exercise.

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