Clever crow stealing peanuts

I felt bad recently because when I replaced my bird feeders with ones that had a protective cage to keep pigeons away I realised it would also prevent blackbirds from accessing the food. Blackbirds are ground feeders but I did see them occasionally use the hanging feeder. I remember it because there were two of them and one would fly to the feeder, get some food, then bring it back for his friend. It was very sweet to watch.

Therefore, to help the blackbirds (robins also like ground feeders), I got a ground feeder with a protective cage that is big enough for them to fit through. The cage did not stop this clever crow from getting some peanuts.

It was also popular with blue tits.

As autumn swings into gear and the leaves start to fall we should make sure to leave them in our gardens for wildlife. Don’t clear them away as they provide food and housing for animals. I used to view invertebrates as annoying pests but I’ve come to realise that these important creatures are food for many of the animals we love like birds and hedgehogs. We ought to encourage them as much as possible.

I read that tree sparrows have been in decline and are on the red list. This is particularly so in rural areas and the reason is because pesticides are sprayed on crops decimating the food source of these birds. With nothing to eat they starve and the population declines. It has made me want to seek out organic or pesticide-free food all the more.

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