Feeding and bathing the birds

The magpies and slugs now eat the food I leave out for the hedgehogs. I know because I leave the camera out on it overnight and there’s very little activity from anything else. Something that did surprise me is how popular a bowl of water is.

I was going to throw away a chipped pasta bowl but then decided it would make a good backyard water bowl for wildlife. The birds love it. You can see it on the very left in this next video where the birds use it for drinking and bathing. There’s a rock in the middle to prevent insects from drowning and the birds like to stand on this.

We have a lot of birds in our garden. Here’s a video I took of them eating from one of the feeders. They’re mostly sparrows but we also have robins and blue tits plus lots of larger birds like magpies, pigeons, and jackdaws. I’ve also seen a woodpecker a couple of times.

2 responses to “Feeding and bathing the birds”

    • Well we have a cat and I still have lots of bowls of water out. She’s locked inside overnight and the footage with all the birds was taken in the early morning. You don’t need much – even an old chipped pasta bowl works.

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