Wildfarmed flour, giant vegetables, and bicycles

I was very excited to discover today that Bandit Bakery sell Wildfarmed flour. Wildfarmed flour is the future of farming because it prioritises soil health by growing perennial plants alongside crops like wheat so rather than having a giant field containing one single crop it’s a more natural and sustainable biodiverse ecosystem consisting of several species. You can read more in the FAQ.

I bake my own bread because of the salt elimination diet I follow so I’m always looking for good flours to try. I can’t wait to try this in my next loaf.

Today I went to the allotment and picked a large container of blueberries. They’re so productive this year. I shall put some on my porridge tomorrow morning for breakfast.

There’s a horticultural show at Duthie Park this weekend which we decided to check out. I’ve never seen such enormous vegetables.

Yesterday I got to try riding a unicycle at the kids’ school for a gala they were having. I couldn’t do it at all. It’s much harder than it looks although I’d quite like to try again some time.

There were lots of different types of bikes including this one in which the front and back wheels pivot independently of each other. It was tricky too. Here’s Daniel demonstrating.

There was also a penny farthing which was pretty easy except for the getting on and off part. Why did they make them so impractical?

2 thoughts on “Wildfarmed flour, giant vegetables, and bicycles”

  1. My friend had his 6 year old riding a unicycle, it didn’t look easy at all looking at the video and I was very impressed. I think I would like a blueberry plant next year, I had one at my other house and if I could get as many as you have it would be worthwhile.
    How are the migraines on the salt elimination diet?

    1. There was a young boy at the event who was whizzing around on a unicycle while I was struggling to balance. Little kids always seem to master these things.

      My harvest of blueberries was from more than one plant. I have several now but this crop was just from about three of them. It took a few years before they really started to fruit but it’s so worth it now. I do recommend it.

      I haven’t had a debilitating migraine since I eliminated salt. I still get headaches but nothing like I had before.

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