Hedgehog cam

Every morning now I wake up, check the wildlife camera with great excitement and see hedgehogs. The first one is usually seen around 10pm.

Then there’s often activity around midnight, 3am, and the last at around 6am.

I have no idea how many there are as I only ever see one at a time so it could just be the one hedgehog or it could be five different ones since that’s how many we released. I suspect it’s just two different ones. Maybe three. They all look the same to me though so I have no idea. I also put food out in three different places which makes things more complicated.

They drink a lot of water which shows how important it is to leave a dish of water out for wildlife.

They eat the food I leave out for them too.

I do see them foraging and eating stuff they find themselves so I suspect the food I leave out is just a supplement to what they normally eat which is good.

Hedgehogs eat invertebrates so beetles, caterpillars, worms, snails, slugs – all the kinds of things you find in leaf litter around plants. This is why grass lawn and decking is useless for a hedgehog. A neat garden without piles of leaves and sticks is also not great.

I’m a bit hedgehog obsessed now but what’s not to love about these adorable creatures?

2 thoughts on “Hedgehog cam”

  1. It’s so great that it’s working out well with the hogs. I’m hoping that as my boyfriend is looking to move house that one with a nice garden comes up that I can commandeer.

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