White pigeon

A white pigeon has started visiting the bird feeders in our backyard. I’ve never seen one before. I wonder if it’s an escaped pet? Or maybe one of many released white pigeons at someone’s wedding?

These are not the best photos because I took them through glass and it seems I need to clean the windows.

Ben took this one yesterday from outside. There’s a wood pigeon in it also. We have a few of these hanging around.

I’ve solved the problem of dozens of pigeons, magpies, and jackdaws monopolising the feeder by getting one with a cage around it that only small birds can get through. This works really well and is filled with little birds throughout the day. They only all flew away when I approached. I do feel a bit bad for the larger birds but I also have peanuts out plus they can get the scraps from the ground. Otherwise I was worried we were going to end up with hundreds of pigeons in the backyard.

The little herring gull chick on the roof is growing and making very cute sounds. We try not to look out the window at it too often as the parents don’t like it. Both parents care for it and are very protective. There’s always at least one of them there – they never leave it alone. Herring gulls are very good parents.

It’s nice having wildlife around. They make our lives richer.

4 thoughts on “White pigeon”

  1. Did you ever find out what this bird was? It’s good to be able to feed the small birds, then the bigger ones can come around to places like mine where the small birds just don’t want to come.

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