The avocado tree

A few years ago I planted an avocado seed from a supermarket avocado I ate. Within a year I had a nice potted plant for the kitchen. Here it is back in 2020.

Today the tree is close to 3m high. It lives in my office beside my desk.

I’m not sure what to do with it as it’s getting close to the ceiling and if I plant it outside it will die. I just need it to stop growing.

One of the things I love about the UK is how few women wear makeup. None of the women in my social circle wear makeup and they’re all beautiful as they are so I decided to follow suit a few years ago and dispensed with makeup for good.

I’m not the only one either. This trend is growing and since the pandemic British women have abandoned makeup in large numbers, more so than in other countries. I recently decided to go one step further and have stopped colouring my hair. I’m letting my natural colour – along with the ever-increasing grey – slowly take over. It’s becoming more and more common to see women with grey hair and thank goodness for that! Why is it only men who can be grey and handsome at 50? Women can surely be grey and beautiful at 50 too? I have lots of beautiful female friends here who have their own natural hair colour, grey and all.

I quite like the gradient look I’ve got right now but it’s only temporary as eventually I’ll cut the bleached bit off the bottom.

As we get older we become more accepting of ourselves. There’s something almost cruel about how when you’re young and your body is at its most perfect we are least accepting of it. But as we age and see the imperfections and flaws grow, we become more forgiving. So I will just say to all the young people out there: accept yourself for who you are. You only get one body. Value it. Look after it.

10 thoughts on “The avocado tree”

  1. I may do the same with my hair. I get it coloured at the hairdresser’s with organic dye, and it costs a heap. I think I‘d like to start saving that money now and using it for other things, especially as I also feel I’ve developed enough ‘attitude’ now to be an older woman with grey hair who doesn’t care (although, I think mine might be on the white side of grey, seeing as I started going grey early).

  2. I’m no good with hair or makeup. Luckily I’ve had a good run with dark hair until now so any grey I get from now on is par for the course. And with make up I feel that it is silly to look significantly different with or without it – that makes me feel more self conscious than being without makeup.

    1. Yes, I’m with you on the looking different and also feel self-conscious wearing makeup now. It’s also feels pasty and uncomfortable. Lucky you with such fab hair and no grey!

  3. I have an avocado plant, named Avery, that I planted from a store-bought avocado. He’s not nearly as tall as your fella! The last time I dyed my hair was January of 2020. I was tired of spending all that money every 6 weeks! I love my grays and my hair feels so much healthier! As far as make-up….I use as little of it as possible! As I get older, the less I care what other people think about my looks! LOL! Just found your blog, btw!

    1. Ooo maybe I should name my avocado tree too? Avery is a good name.

      It is great getting older and caring less. I do feel sorry for young people – there’s just so much pressure to look good. It’s such a relief to leave that stuff behind.

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