Bunny roundabout

There’s a roundabout in Garthdee in Aberdeen that’s home to a colony of rabbits. It’s a very busy junction in a fairly industrial area with large shopping centres and building supply stores.

Someone feeds the rabbits. There’s always a selection of carrots and green leaves and bunnies can usually be seen munching away when you drive past.

I wanted to go and have a closer look on foot so last weekend we went to bunny roundabout. It was quite tricky to cross the road to get onto it and I realised afterwards it was quite a silly and dangerous thing to do. The minute we go onto the island in the middle all the rabbits disappeared anyway so it’s best to observe them from the safety of the other side.

There is so much bunny poo. No one knows who feeds them but it was reported in the press that people have been spotted driving past and throwing veggies out the car window. It’s a drive-by carroting. The Aberdeen City Council doesn’t seem to mind and nor does the SPCA who are more concerned about the bunnies getting hit by cars.

I wonder how many are in the colony and what happens to them when it gets too big? After all, they breed like rabbits.

7 thoughts on “Bunny roundabout”

  1. I guess the council will be forced to ask the inevitable question: why did the rabbit cross the road?
    Best wishes,

      1. Sounds good to me. I think I’ve seen wildlife crossings which o over some of our country freeways, but perhaps I’m making it up. I think they might’ve been koala crossings.

  2. It’s horrific what happened to them and I hope you are happy, animals have the right to exist and humans are the evil one’s and pests

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