Meet Hareton

It has been a while since I last made an animal head. I need to feel motivated and that happened recently when I found some yarn that I thought would make a good hare. This is Hareton, the latest edition to our animal head collection.

Hareton joins Wishart (deer), Rambo (ram), and Reynard (fox).

I also made a jumper for Elizabeth. This is crochet but it looks a bit like knitting. The stitch is called centre crochet or waistcoat stitch. I really l like it and might have to make one for myself.

2 thoughts on “Meet Hareton”

  1. It’s really impressive how you make the ears. They are very nicely shaped. As is Elizabeth’s jumper – what a clever fit. I tend to err on the side of making my stitches too loose. Very skilful.

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