Ruthven Barracks, Kingussie

It snowed last night so it’s looking like a white Christmas for us this year, hooray! It was a lovely sunny day today so we walked to Ruthven Barracks.

On a natural mound, a stone’s throw from the village of Kingussie is Ruthven Barracks. There was once a wooden castle here in the 1200s. It was replaced by a stone castle that was burned down and then used as a garrison by Cromwell’s troops. During the Jacobite Rising, it got damaged beyond repair and has lain in ruins ever since.

The mound is a remnant of the last ice age and stands at 46 metres high with commanding views in all directions.

On the walk there we saw some horses.

Some friends joined us.

It’s difficult to see but in this next photo on the far wall is a sign that reads, “Soldiers Latrines”. We found it interesting that they put the latrine right next to the well! What were they thinking?

After Ruthven Barracks I made everyone walk the start of the walk up Creag Bheag again because I wanted to see it in the snow. It didn’t disappoint.

I’m admiring the view.

Ben looking miserable.

And a jumping shot.

Please shut the gate.

I hope everyone has as wonderful a Christmas Eve as we’ve had.

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