Things that bring us joy

My work has released a happy holidays video where those of us who want to participate, hold up a sign of something that has brought us joy over the past 12 months. Lots of things have brought me joy this year and aside from the obvious one of my family, the one that comes top in my mind is wild swimming. All the swimming we did in Scottish rivers over the summer brought me huge amounts of joy. I loved the beautiful landscapes and crystal clear and clean rivers, seeing the trout and salmon, and feeling invigorated and refreshed afterward. Here’s my 5-second contribution. Choreographed by me with Elizabeth on cinematography and Ben on special effects.

Here’s the final compilation with everyone’s videos.

What has brought you joy this year?

4 thoughts on “Things that bring us joy”

  1. Haha – very good. I must admit that your summer travels did look very enticing, and the rivers are beautiful. You and your family are ‘beautiful’, too, and I get a lot of pleasure from following your blogs 🙂

  2. They must have been pleased when they saw your clip and realised that it would make a good finishing shot! It’s so easy for companies to find great ideas like this about how to brighten up their workforce’s lives, I don’t know why everyone doesn’t do it. Then again, that’s like making good environmental decisions whenever you can, and not every does that. But it’s good to celebrate when you see it.

    1. Yes, I felt honoured to take the finishing video spot! I got the first photo too as that photo in the first frame includes me. It was a nice, fun thing to do. I certainly had fun making the video.

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