Image from inside the theatre


We did something a little bit different today. We went to the ballet. The Scottish Ballet is performing Starstruck and they’re visiting Aberdeen this weekend. It’s the first time we’ve been to the theatre since the pandemic began and it was so nice to go out again. It’s also nice to support the arts which have struggled over the past 18 months.

Starstruck was choreographed by the American tap dancer, Gene Kelly, in 1960 for the Paris Opera Ballet. It is most definitely ballet but there were clear elements of jazz there and the music is George Gershwin. It’s fun and light-hearted with a clever mix of traditional ballet and 20th-century jazz: the perfect way to reopen the theatre after a depressing hiatus.

I’ve seen many of Gene Kelly’s musicals and this definitely has his stamp on it. I think I read somewhere that this ballet has rarely been performed since its debut in 1960 although I now can’t find that source. It made for a wonderful outing and we all enjoyed it. The Scottish Ballet dancers are all terrific. I was inspired and impressed by their performance and athleticism. One fellow, in particular, was very muscley – Ben asked me whether I noticed, and indeed I had. The women were also very strong. I will put extra effort into my exercises this evening.

His Majesty’s Theatre in Aberdeen is a delightful building. I could sit in there and be entertained even with nothing happening on stage. It’s beautiful.

6 thoughts on “Starstruck”

  1. I haven’t been to the theatre for ages. The last time I went to the opera I found wearing a mask very off putting so it’s good to see you don’t have to.any more. Luckily this is online in November! I will be looking out for that as it has been a while since I’ve been able to support the Arts – although I did go to an exhibition at the Tate and that was very enjoyable, being so quiet and socially distanced.

    1. We did actually wear our masks for most of it but we weren’t required to. It’s optional but many people were wearing them. We just took ours off for the photo.

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