Some courgettes

I didn’t go to the allotment last weekend and this is what happened.

The kids were devastated (they hate courgettes). So we kept a small selection and put the rest on the street to giveaway. Daniel made the sign. I felt “Take them” was a bit demanding so added “Free help yourself” to the bottom.

The allotment is unaffected by Brexit and petrol shortages. I always cycle there and we also have an electric car.

5 thoughts on “Some courgettes”

  1. Haha – I can imagine the kids reaction when you showed up with them. Did they get taken from the side if the road?

    The kids may like spicy courgettes, if they like spicy things. Just dice the courgettes into chunks – I always dice them on an angle so they look more interesting 🙂 – and fry them with a little oil, salt and cajun spices (I use a jar of pre-mix), or whatever else you have. They probably still won’t like them much, but might be able to force them down with a little less moaning – lol!

    1. They’re all gone! I’m amazed. Daniel and I just went out to have a look and the box is empty so he’s very happy. We had courgette fritters for dinner and they kids reluctantly ate them. I’ll cook it a dozen more time then they’ll like it 🙂

  2. Daniel should have been more insistent. For example. ‘For gods sake take them ….. otherwise we have to eat them’.

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