I still have lots of tomatoes from the greenhouse as well as cucumbers so tonight for dinner I blitzed them all up into gazpacho. The kids were not impressed when I told them we were having cold soup – I’m obviously a bad parent for not introducing them to it sooner – but they both enjoyed it.

I also added a bit of cider vinegar, garlic, chives from the garden, nigella seeds, pepper, and some veggie stock. Since practically all of it was grown in the garden it was very cheap.

3 responses to “Gazpacho”

  1. Haha – the perils of feeding kids, eh? Good that they enjoyed it, though. I remember whining sometimes about what mum made for dinner, too – until she had enough one evening and sent me to bed there and then without any. I didn’t whine again 😄

  2. That looks very tasty and healthy. Sometimes I have cold soup if I was in a hurry and didn’t put it in the microwave long enough. It is better than it sounds (although I don’t like chilled food unless it’s a very hot day.)

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