Online schooling

The kids have been attending a 100% online school now for about 18 months and overall it has been great. They go to My Online Schooling which is based in Edinburgh and teaches the English school curriculum. I feel they’ve had a more consistent education than many other pupils in the UK who’ve had a very disruptive 18 months since the pandemic began.

The online school hasn’t been affected by quarantine bubbles, face masks, school closures, 2m social distancing and all the other challenges bricks and mortar schools have had to deal with. Daniel and Elizabeth recently sat some MAP testing and their results were excellent and demonstrated to us that they’ve had a solid education through the online school.

Several months ago we filmed a video for the online school to give people an idea of what it’s like:

I was also interviewed for the My Online Schooling podcast which you can listen to at the link below:

3 thoughts on “Online schooling”

  1. Nice clip – the online learning looks really positive.

    Spotted the remnants of your Aussie accent, and the kids have a little bit of a Scottish ‘twang’ 😊

  2. I think my kids would have loved this. I liked that footage of Daniel playing the guitar, he seems to be progressing well. The logistical problem would have been that I had to go out to work.

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