The Highland road trip past Corgaff Castle

We’re back in Aberdeen and fast wifi again – yay! We loved our weekend away in Aviemore; our first trip away since Christmas last year when the whole of Scotland was put in lockdown that eventually lasted more than 4 months. I think lots of people had the same idea as we did because Aviemore was heaving. I was particularly pleased to see so many cyclists about. That whole area is great for cycling as there’s paths everywhere and lots of places to hire bikes.

We took the scenic route home past Tomintoul and then up the Dee Valley. It’s a tiny bit further but I prefer it to driving on dual carriageways which are generally pretty ugly and it probably only adds about 10 or 20 minutes to the overall trip. And it looks like this.

Just past the Lecht Ski field is Corgaff Castle. It’s the only castle in the region we’ve never visited because it’s always closed. Nevertheless we stopped there today in the hope it might be open but unfortunately it was still closed.

Corgaff Castle is a steely-looking building, surrounded by star-shaped battlements, on an exposed and lonely site. It was built in the 16th century as a hunting lodge and later served as a garrison. We pulled up at the carpark at the bottom of the hill and walked up. It was completely deserted except for a dead rabbit on the driveway and that combined with the grey sky and frigid air added to the remoteness and the bleak atmosphere that I always feel at Corgaff Castle. I’m determined to go inside one day and have a proper look so we shall keep trying and hopefully one day it will be open again.

9 thoughts on “The Highland road trip past Corgaff Castle”

    1. I felt happy to see so many cyclists! I really don’t do that much though and my advocacy if focused on Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire anyway.

      1. I don’t know, it makes a difference to me when I read about the things you do. It makes me feel there is some solidarity behind me when I ride my bike.

      2. Aww that makes me happy to hear that. There definitely is – not just from me but from cycling campaigners all over the country.

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