How to hide chocolate from the kids

The kids have discovered our chocolate stash. We decided to find a new hiding spot but as we walked home from the shop with renewed supplies of said chocolate Ben wondered what we would say if the kids asked, “Do we have any chocolate?”

Neither of us wanted to lie but we also didn’t want to share the chocolate. Does that make us half bad: after all, we may be selfish and greedy but there’s a definite desire to be truthful? In the end we decided we’d put half the supply of chocolate in the old hiding place to share with the kids and the other half in our new hiding place.

Once the supply in the old hiding place is gone, if the kids ask, “Have we got any chocolate?”, we can truthfully say, “I think the packet in the cupbard is all gone”. Admittedly we haven’t answered the question but at least there’s no lying.

It’s just an omission of information and it was all Ben’s idea. He’d make a good politician.

2 thoughts on “How to hide chocolate from the kids”

  1. > β€œI think the packet in the cupboard is all gone”

    You can make yourself even inculpable by saying “YOU SAW the packet in the cupboard is all gone”

    That’s what I have been learning from the diplomatic world leaders these days πŸ˜€

  2. Hahaha – the first time I learned that adults hide goodies for themselves from their kids, I was quite shocked and indignant πŸ™‚ I didn’t forgive that until I became an adult and saw how perfectly reasonable it was – lol!

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