I planted four trees today

As part of Giving Tuesday my company encouraged us all to plant a native tree during our work day – they paid for the trees. I was a bit cheeky and bought four trees because the Woodland Trust sell packs of four for a very reasonable price. I got the bee-friendly garden mix.

The trees arrived looking like sticks.

I planted them all with a bit of help from Victoria. Two in my garden and two elsewhere. Here’s the hazel.

15 thoughts on “I planted four trees today”

  1. I love planting trees, I enjoy do a bit of planting as a guerrilla gardener and apart from the wildlife, perhaps I’m the only one that knows where and what. Tending to plant natives in wild spaces and a few not so native in town locations, but never invasive stuff or ones that can cause damage. Currently in shock over the cutting down of the trees that were planted to remember children who had died, this done because of HS2. Really, really saddened.

    1. Wendover Memorial Woodland devastated and for what? Some useless high speed train that no one is going to use, now people have learnt they really can work from home! Cutting the countryside in half, cutting through wildlife corridors, making people and animals homeless… I really think the world is bonkers at the moment.

    2. This isn’t my first time guerrilla gardening. I’ll keep an eye on them and tend to them as they grow. Hopefully they won’t get yanked out. Has that happened to you? Trees you’ve planted have been pulled out?

      The council here cut down all the trees on our street a few years ago and I was so distraught. I’m still upset about it. The street doesn’t look the same and never will. They’ve replaced them with new trees but the new ones are much smaller and will never become as grand and majestic as the copper beech trees we had before.

      1. Ours is not to know the future or fear it, ours is not to grieve for long the past, ours is in this moment to be whatever it is we can be and thankful for that. Hello other Beloved GG (Guerrilla Gardener).

    1. A hazel tree can grow to 12m according to the Woodland Trust but you can prune it down. That’s one of the trees I didn’t plant in my backyard 🙂 The two I did plant in the backyard are the crab apple and the goat willow.

    1. Try clearing your browser cache to see if that fixes the “likes” problem. It’s never too late to try planting a tree and they’re very cheap if you order from the Woodland Trust.

  2. I remember way back when ….. you planted some beautiful little flowers. I know they must be blossoming into wonderful helpers to plant your trees.
    (have been away from blogging for 4 years)

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