Of cat food and poo

Ben ate cat food. I was refilling the cat food jar with dried biscuits and one of them fell on the bench. Ben has a habit of hoovering up all food scraps. Nothing goes to waste in our house. Later that evening he saw a crumb of food on the bench and put it in his mouth. He thought it tasted a bit odd and then he noticed the big bag of cat food sitting nearby.

I once ate dog food when I was little. In my case I did it deliberately. We found a huge bag of it at my grandparent’s farm and we thought it tasted nice. I wasn’t very discerning when I was little. Indeed I’m constantly reminded by family members of the time I ate chicken poo. It must have been good for me because I’m in perfect health.

Speaking of poo, earlier this week I was doing my regular morning number 2. Just as I was in the process of giving birth to a nice vegan piece of excrement, I felt something soft and fluffy on my bum. The cat had snuck into the bathroom, was on her hindlegs peering into the toilet at my arse, and let’s just say her usually pristinely white paw was now various shades of brown. I then had to wash my own poo off the cat. She was not very happy about this. Hopefully she won’t do it again. Ben made a joke about not having to worry if there are shortages of toilet paper again.

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