I’ve never been a huge fan of potatoes but it’s funny how when you start growing something yourself it takes on a new value. Potatoes are so easy to grow, they’re not affected by slugs, or pigeons, and they don’t need any special netting. All you do is bung them in the ground in spring and then dig them up in autumn.

There’s something very satisfying and almost exciting about digging up potatoes. It’s like digging up buried treasure. You don’t know what you’ll find or how many potatoes there’l be.

I dug up a huge number just from two plants today at the plot.

Yesterday we went for a cycle ride along Deeside Way to Allan Park. Allan Park is near Cults which is a suburb south-west of the city. There’s a park there with lots of mature trees and greenery. It’s quite lovely.

This photo above shows what is a bit of a swamp near the playground. A hundred years ago people used to ice-skate on it in the winter. This next photo was taken in 1902/1903.

5 responses to “Spuds”

  1. It’s been our first year growing potatoes and you’re right, it’s very satisfying digging them up.

    Our potatoes were affected by slugs, above soil, where the leaves were munched on, but the few potatoes we have harvested so far have been ok.

    Our biggest fear this year, however, are wireworms that can devastate potatoes. We treated our beds with nematodes to thwart the wireworms, so I’m hopeful that we can harvest a decent amount of potatoes because the few we have pulled were amazing.

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