Aberdeen back in lockdown

Another lockdown has been imposed on Aberdeen today after a local outbreak starting at The Hawthorn Bar on Holburn Street. This is actually very close to us but none of us have been there or indeed gone to any pubs for quite some time. There’s a rumour circulating, and I’m unsure of the veracity of the story, that it started with one man who came to Aberdeen from France via Manchester, tested positive (or had symptoms and was waiting for test results), then went on a pub crawl. Since then we’ve had 54 cases linked to the outbreak and a number of establishments are affected. See below:

  • Bieldside Inn
  • Bobbin
  • Brewdog Castlegate
  • Buckie Farm Carvery
  • Café Andaluz
  • Café Dag
  • Café Drummond
  • Cock & Bull (The)
  • College Bar
  • Dutch Mill (The)
  • Dyce Carvery
  • East End Social Club
  • Ferryhill House Hotel
  • Hawthorn/Adam Lounge
  • Howff (The)
  • Justice Mill (The)
  • Marine Hotel (The)
  • McGinty’s
  • McNasty’s
  • Malmaison
  • Moonfish Café
  • No.10 Bar
  • O’Donoghues
  • Old Bank Bar
  • Prohibition
  • Soul
  • Spiders Web
  • The Draft Project

There’s always one twat who has to spoil it for everyone. According to the rumour the man has been charged. Given the number of pubs and restaurants affected the number of cases is likely to go up. I never knew Aberdeen had such a vibrant night life.

Thankfully we’re not planning to go away this month. I did try really hard to book us a weekend away somewhere but everywhere was fully booked! When Brits can’t go to Spain they book up all the places in the UK and there aren’t enough places here to accommodate everyone, it seems.

I think Nicola Sturgeon is being extra cautious because of the planned reopening of schools next week. I’ve heard some discussion that if there’s a choice between opening pubs or schools they’ll prioritise schools … obviously. There may not be enough wiggle room to have both open at the same time. At the very least they should ban pub crawls. Fortunately Daniel and Elizabeth don’t start school again until 7th September which is when their school starts the new year.

8 thoughts on “Aberdeen back in lockdown”

  1. Oh, no 😦
    On the plus side, Scotland seems better at controlling this than England so hopefully early measures will calm things down.
    With the crowds out and about now, I wouldn’t be surprised if we had a spike in the South East, even though we are supposed to have had fewer cases than average across the country. Obviously a silly person going out with symptoms will make it much worse. I am glad that people can be charged with this as an offence.
    I managed to get away twice overnight to go round some mountain bike trails, but I think that will be it for me now.

    1. I’m glad you got to go away. Was it crowded? That’s another reason it’s probably a good thing not to holiday right now – all the nice spots are crowded and even without a virus on the loose I’m not fond of crowds.

      1. Hardly anyone at all – by its nature a trail bike centre is not going to be crowded as bikes moving quickly through rough terrain need to give each other a lot of space! And most people go there by car, very few people take the train to Etchingham and then cycle. I’ve never liked a crowd either. Paralympics 2012 was the only time I’ve ever felt a totally good vibe coming from a crowd.

  2. How bloody annoying! Although we’re catching cases at NZ’s border, and containing it so far, there will inevitably be another outbreak at some stage. There have been a couple of twats already who have escaped quarantine for their own self-justified reasons. Does Scotland not have quarantine for new arrivals?

    1. There is no quarantine for international arrivals here except for those coming from Spain. We made a mistake early on in the pandemic not forcing quarantine for international arrivals. Now there’s probably not much point from European countries wiith similar levels to here. London is the busiest airport in Europe though so I can understand why officials were reluctant to shut it down.

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