Aberdeen beach

I cycled to the beach today and It was nice to see vast empty scenes along the waterfront after the crowded images that emerged from Bournemouth last week. I would like to say it’s because Aberdonians are very sensible people and that is certainly true but I think the difference is really more to do with cold water temperatures here and a much smaller population. I’ve never liked huge crowds so I’m very happy to live here.


Yesterday I went to Marks & Spencer and I took a photograph of the cardboard cutout I had a conversation with last week so you can see how realistic it is. Fortunately I didn’t make a fool of myself this time and I even managed to wear my mask without any problems.


9 thoughts on “Aberdeen beach”

  1. The cardboard cut out is cool. Would make a change from Teddy bears in the windows we saw on our lockdown walks!

    1. They’ve since removed the cardboard cutout. I think they probably wanted to create more space because at a time of social distancing they need ever inch they can find.

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