My park

It’s that time of year when I never see the dark. It’s light when I go to sleep, light when I get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, and light when I wake up. I have to put blackout fabric over the window in the bedroom but this has a downside in that I don’t see the sunrise and this morning I slept in until 8:30am. Tomorrow is the weekend so I’ll probably wake up at 6am.

I’ve been running in the park everyday since last Saturday and enjoying it. Last weekend and Monday was reallly hot and sunny and the park was full of people. Who are all these people in my park and where do they come from? They’re never there when the weather is bad, the traitors! Since Tuesday it has been rainy and most of them have stayed away. The only people in the park are the loyal runners and dog walkers.

A poppy started blooming in the gardening this week and I took a before and after photo.



The car club emailed us this week to say there’s no fuel charge for the hydrogen car. There’s one hydrogen car in the fleet and if you want to book it you only pay the hourly rate. The no fuel charge which is great but why would anyone book it now when we can’t go anywhere? We’re only allowed to travel 5 miles and who needs a car for that? I’ll stick to my trusty bicycles and get some exercise.

I took this photo of the kids at Drum Castle last year in August. They’re so cute!





4 thoughts on “My park”

  1. Ha ha yes indeed I feel that way sometimes. I run in all weathers but the moment it’s hot everyone is out walking and looking at you like how dare you run past me 😂. No seriously only some people do that 😄

  2. The last communication I got from the car club was please only use it for essential journeys due to the danger of spreading virus onto the surfaces. We don’t have the 5 miles thing in England. It’s good to have a hydrogen car for some time in the future. Where do you refuel it?

    1. That’s the problem with the hydrogen car – there are only two refueling stations in Aberdeen and the last time I checked they didn’t operate on weekends. I also haven’t a clue how to refuel a hydrogen car and apparently the refueling stations are self-service. I remember how many problems I had at the beginning trying to figure out how to start an electric car that I shudder to think what will happen when I try the hydrogen car. I’ll do it one day I’m sure. I just need to research it a bit more first. Plus there’s no where to go just now anyway.

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