There’s nothing like a good root

We ordered takeaway from Roots Catering this evening and I got to try the Beyond Meat burger patty for the first time. For those who don’t know, Beyond Meat is a US-based food technology company that makes meat-like food products from plants. You can buy the Beyond Meat burger from Tesco but I’d never tried it until now. I tend to prefer the burger patties that have visible chunks of vegetables and legumes in them. Nevertheless, I’d heard good things about Beyond Meat and was keen to give it a go.

We each got an O.G Back Wynd burger from Roots with a side serving of fries. It was delicious and tasted just as I remember beef burgers used to taste although it has been a very long time since I’ve had a burger. Daniel is particularly fussy and despises fake meats but he wolfed this burger down with gusto and gave it the thumbs up.


Sometimes plant meats can be dry because they’re not as fatty as real meat which is a bonus for health but if you’re after the succulent and juicy texture you get with beef then Beyond Meat ticks both boxes. Our burgers also came with an onion ring, lettuce, caramalised onion, pickle, cheese, and bacon – all made from plants. It was truly delicious and so filling I was too stuffed to finish my chips.


Roots Catering usually has a vegan food van parked by the beach in Aberdeen but they’ve adapted to the pandemic and are running an online service where you can order and have the food delivered. If you want something a bit more sophisticated than the burger they’re also offering a chef-prepared three-course meal delivered to your door. We’ll try that next.