I can do the baby shark abs workout

I started doing the baby shark abs workout last October. I found it very difficult at first but after about a week it started to get easier. I continue to do it most days and Ben took this video of me doing it today as a sort-of proof for future Rachel that past Rachel could do it. Anyone can do it with a bit of practice. The nice thing about it is you can’t say you don’t have the time because it only takes about 1 minute 30 seconds.

8 thoughts on “I can do the baby shark abs workout”

  1. That is very impressive, especially that in and out of V sit thing quite near the beginning. I am struggling to balance in that position at all in yoga.

      1. I must do something wrong, I get things slipping around in my back and my neck rally hurts when I try sit-ups. Your routine is very impressive! Well done!

      2. If it’s hurting your neck then you’re not using your tummy muscles. Try sitting in a V position with your head and shoulders off the floor and your legs up then hold that position. Relax a little bit but don’t lie completely flat on the floor. Just move your upper body slowly down and then up again. If you don’t go right down to the floor you’ll be less likely to put strain on your neck, I think.

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