Kim Hill interview with virologist Chris Smith

Kim Hill is a New Zealand journalist, famous for presenting Saturday Morning on Radio New Zealand National. Last Saturday she interviewed Cambridge virologist Chris Smith about coronavirus. You can listen to the podcast here – Chris Smith: Virologist on latest Covid-19 science.

Chris talks about lots of interesting things including whether it’s realistic for places like New Zealand to completely eradicate the virus.

“Most people are of the opinion, given how well optimised this new coronavirus is, it has a really high prospect of becoming another circulating coronavirus and causing seasonal infections and cold-like symptoms or in rare cases more severe outbreaks, because by the time that presumably happens the vast majority of us will have become immune to it either because a vaccine has been invented or because we’ve become naturally infected with it.”

He also talks about some interesting research he was involved in some years ago where they measured the speed and distance that particles in a sneeze can travel. The conclusion from this was it’s much further than 2m.