Rachel’s allotment and hot cross buns

I’ve got the day off work today so I cycled to the allotment to put up my new sign. I met a couple of other people there and one fellow told me he received a phone call from the city council because his plot was also missing a number. Of all the things going on right now phoning people because they haven’t put a number on their plot is somewhat amusing. I ordered mine from Etsy and it only took a couple of days to arrive. If you’ve also been hassled by your local authority about putting a sign on your plot you can get one here.



While I was out Ben made hot cross buns as he does every Easter. They are so good. I think this is the best batch ever. I ate five of them!


I took a video of my trip to the allotment. Yes, it’s very boring but at a time when people are confined to their homes, maybe the mundane is not so mundane.

6 thoughts on “Rachel’s allotment and hot cross buns”

  1. I enjoyed that trip – how do you carry the camera? The picture from it is good and the sounds are very evocative, the wind and the birds.
    You are right about everything being so quiet and empty. Isabel has started riding my bike around town for exercise as there is less traffic.

    1. Yes, the wind in Scotland can make it challenging to take video. I didn’t even think there was much of it until I listened to the sound afterward and it is quite noisy in parts. I just use my iPhone which I hold with my left hand. It’s a selfie video 🙂

      I have noticed less traffic when cycling around town here too and it’s nice. I’ve even noticed the air smells cleaner which is the best part.

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