Elizabeth got a bronze medal

Elizabeth competed in the Robert Burns World Federation North East of Scotland schools competition today. She recited The Banks O’ Doon by Robert Burns and did marvellously. She came third and got a bronze medal. I took a video.

The standard was high and there was lots of tough competition so we’re very proud of her, especially since neither of us can do a Scottish accent.

Last year both kids competed in the same event and came third. The poetry is only for primary school so Daniel didn’t compete this year now that he’s in high school but he seemed to enjoy watching Elizabeth.

They also made a few changes this year because of the coronavirus threat. There was no shaking of hands when presenting medals and certificates. Instead, the greeting is now to touch elbows. People were also regularly wiping door handles and surfaces. I think we’re in the safest country in the world when it comes to a virus given the standoffish nature of British people. I suspect part of the reason the virus spread so rapidly through Italy is because of their touchy, feely culture. The British, on the other hand, are very reserved and tend not to touch each other.

Yesterday I had a package delivered and the delivery man stood about a metre back from our front door and stretched his arm out to hand me the parcel, holding it with the tips of two fingers as though it was diseased. The fellow looked rather pale so I immediately wondered whether he might be sick and was trying not to spread germs. I quickly disposed of the packaging and washed my hands, just in case 🙂





8 responses to “Elizabeth got a bronze medal”

  1. Hangaku Gozen Avatar

    Congratulations Elizabeth! She not only was flawless in her recital, but she was very composed and calm, two qualities I lack when I have to get on stage for anything.

    In the US, the CDC has warned people over 60 to avoid events where one is in a large crowd in a confined space, including movie theaters, lecture halls, public meetings, concerts, shopping malls, etc. I can’t decide if I should cancel my tutoring gig at the elementary school, or if I should trust in my usual good health and hygiene. (I used to work with nursing instructors, so I was thoroughly drilled in hospital-style hand washing and keeping a sterile field.) I don’t want to join the panic, but I also don’t want to seem louche about what’s becoming a public crisis. Anyway, take care and stay well!

    1. Rachel M Avatar

      We haven’t been advised to avoid any large gatherings here yet and there are only 16 cases in Scotland still which isn’t very many, although, they expect the number to rise rapidly. It does seem to affect older people worse but more particularly those who have underlying health conditions so if you’re in good health you probably don’t need to worry. That said, you’ve got to do what makes you feel comfortable and if that means avoiding large crowds then do it. I don’t particularly like large crowds even when there’s no new virus on the loose.

  2. katey26 Avatar

    Very impressive recital by Elizabeth 🙂

  3. Denise Avatar

    I was expecting Elizabeth to sound more New Zealand but I guess it is a long time you have been living here now. Do you think she will end up sounding more Scottish the longer you live in Aberdeen?
    She did that very well!

    1. Rachel M Avatar

      This kids have lost their New Zealand accent. They both sound English for some reason. I’m not sure why it’s English rather than Scottish but maybe that’s a reflection of Aberdeen which is quite multicultural.

  4. Douglas Spence Avatar
    Douglas Spence

    Congratulations. I bet you were better than bronze.
    Is it possible to have a recount?

    1. Rachel M Avatar

      Haha, I don’t think they do recounts but there’s always next year …

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