Climate change is like getting into debt

Climate change is like borrowing money and getting into debt. Consider this: you borrow a large sum of money and the interest rate goes up every year. You do not make any repayments on the loan and instead borrow more each year. Pretty soon the amount owing is huge and growing because a) the interest rate is increasing b) you haven’t made any repayments c) you continue to borrow more money.

Climate change is like this because we keep putting more CO2 into the atmosphere and our emissions are going up each year. These emissions warm the earth which in turn causes other problems that cannot be reversed – ice sheet loss, melting permafrost, loss of sea ice, large scale coral reef die-offs – that represent the ever-increasing interest rate on the loan. What is especially tragic about it is this debt will be dumped on our children to repay because all the CO2 we are putting into the atmosphere today we will have to remove.

People who continue to fight against meaningful climate action are a disgrace, especially when the rest of the world watches with horror as Australia burns. And this is just the beginning. We are already in debt and there’ll be more warming, drought, and fires – worse than anything we’ve seen yet – still to come.

I don’t usually agree with Piers Morgan but I enjoyed watching this interview on Good Morning Britain where he rips into Craig Kelly, a senior Australian politician, and a climate change denier. Craig Kelly makes Australia look like an ignorant, backward penal colony.


10 thoughts on “Climate change is like getting into debt”

  1. It is all so terrifying. There was a celebrity who was fundraising to help Australia and I simply made a comment that “in addition to fundraising and asking for prayers, its time to acknowledge the climate crisis and think about what we can all do together to make a difference. I can’t tell you how many replies I got attacking me for being ignorant and saying it had nothing to do with climate change. I was completely floored. I am quire afraid with how many deniers there are out there and how slow government is proving to be to act that any change will be too late.

    1. Absolutely incredible! It’s true that some of the factors that are causing the fire are factors that have always been problematic in Australia, but those problems are increasing in their severity due to climate change. Climate change deniers are the flat-earthers of our lifetime.

    2. Oh, that is so depressing. Somehow it’s even worse than the problem itself because those people are stalling action. If only their views affected themselves only but unfortunately we all have to pay. I feel quite cross about it. It’s shameful.

  2. Its like getting in debt, but without asking the bank for a loan, just stealing the money. A loan the bank would not give you because you are dead before it is repaid.

  3. Thanks for advocating for climate change through your blog, Rachel.

    On the weekend the sky over the Auckland turned eerie; you might have heard the news.

    In our family, we are trying our little bit to reduce our carbon footprint as much as we can. The last vlog in my son’s YouTube channel he talked about climate change. Hope that implants some awareness in the rest of our friends and family circle.

    1. I’m impressed that your son has a YouTube channel and that he’s got one on climate change. Spreading awareness is so important if we are to rely on voters to vote for leaders who take the issue seriously.

  4. And there is such a lot of debt in the country too. Another way climate change is like debt, there are businesses who make money by encouraging us to do both.

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