We passed the test

I’m very happy to say that Ben and I both passed the Life in the UK test today. It’s the test you have to take to get indefinite leave to remain or citizenship in the UK. It consists of 24 multiple choice or true/false questions about the UK including questions about kings and queens, sporting heroes, the political system, and values. You need 75% to pass. I’m not sure what my score was because they don’t tell you but I found it pretty easy. I studied by reading the recommended book and doing lots of practice exams.

At the charity shop last weekend I picked up a gorgeous Burberry skirt for £20. It’s wool, fully lined, hangs beautifully, and has a long and daring slit up the side. A scarf at Burberry will set you back £370 so a woollen skirt for £20 is a real find.


7 thoughts on “We passed the test”

  1. Well done to you and Ben, and to you for finding your skirt.
    I have just finished writing my lesson plan for our ECO club at school. I have a different (um, more positive…) teacher working with me this year so I feel it is going to be more productive. We are starting off by explaining the benefits of plants and getting them to choose some plants. I think we will also get them to think about reuse by asking them to see if they can find any pretty packaging that can be reused as planters over the Christmas holidays.

    1. That sounds wonderful Denise! It’s good to get young people thinking about the environment because they’ll be better able to sort out the mess when they become adults 🙂

    1. Thanks, Chait! We have to wait a year after getting indefinite leave to remain before we can apply for citizenship so we’ve still got a little way to go.

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