Loch Morlich

We went for a walk around Loch Morlich today. Loch Morlich is an inland fresh-water loch near Aviemore in the Highlands of Scotland. It’s a reasonably flat walk on a good path that goes through forest and along the beach. Yes, Loch Morlich, which is miles away from the sea, has a beach with sand. It’s spectacular, especially on a crisp autumn day when there’s snow on the surrounding hills. Elizabeth described it as the most beautiful place she’s ever been.









After our walk we drove up to Cairngorm Mountain. The road up to the mountain is good (not scary like some mountain roads) and only about 20 minutes from Aviemore. There’s even a bus that goes up regularly.





The Funicular Railway is out of action at the moment so you can only go to the base station. There’s a cafĂ© there but I’m disappointed to report there’s not a single vegan item on their menu. Even the soup had meat in it. I would have bought lunch there if they’d had something for vegans so they lost a sale.

3 thoughts on “Loch Morlich”

  1. Hope you didn’t go hungry. It shouldn’t be that difficult for there to be even one vegan option on the menu, bread with houmous and salad is very popular in many places.

    1. Usually there’s soup and I was looking forward to some soup because it was cold but the soup was pea and ham. I’m going to email them or write a review requesting at least one vegan option.

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