Parent-teacher interviews, visiting relatives, and investing for retirement

Last night we had parent-teacher interviews at Daniel’s school (if any locals came trick or treating at this time this is why we didn’t answer the door then. We were out for a bit). It’s the first parent-teacher interviews we’ve had at Daniel’s new high school so we really didn’t know what to expect. Expectations are different in high school and it’s a much larger pool of students.

Every teacher had nothing but praise for Daniel and he’s in the top group for maths and science. I’m not sure whether it’s good parenting, good luck, or good genes but I can say the best thing we’ve ever done as parents is read to our children every single day; even now they can read to themselves we still do it. If there was a how-to-parent 101 course this would be the first lesson in it.

Daniel is reasonably well-behaved but we have noticed he’s starting to argue with us more lately. We view this as a good thing. He’s becoming more assertive, developing confidence, and learning to debate. Being able to argue your case is an important skill to have in pretty much every part of life.

My sister is visiting us and I took this lovely photo of her and Elizabeth in a rainy Duthie Park today. She’s a natural red-head and feels very much at home in Scotland with so many red-heads.


I manage my own superannuation and I’ve been trying to find a fund that doesn’t invest in any fossil fuels. I thought I had an environmentally responsible fund but I discovered earlier this year they have 6% of assets in oil and gas. It’s very hard to find a pension fund that is completely divested from oil and gas. Aside from having ethical reasons to avoid investing in fossil fuels I also think it’s a poor financial decision because of the carbon bubble. Last week I found a fund that’s just 1.5% in oil and gas but that’s the best I can do. Anyone know of anything less than 1.5%? Preferably 0%?

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