Newspaper pics

Elizabeth and I were in the paper last Saturday in a story about a council consultation for more walking and cycling links between the Bridge of Don and Aberdeen city centre. The photographer took lots of photos and I went onto their website this week to see the others (is it a bit vain to do that?). The one of two of us cycling together appeared in the paper. It’s a good one! The others are nice too and I was able to buy them from their website. You can’t get much better than a newspaper photographer. Thank you for my new avatar!

I never get much notice before these interviews and so I was my usual unkempt self with unbrushed hair and no makeup but I like them anyway. I completely stopped wearing makeup about a year ago and I think my skin looks healthier. Perhaps it’s also my vegan diet.


2498282 copy.jpg






4 thoughts on “Newspaper pics”

  1. You are such an amazing advocate for a healthy lifestyle. It’s great that you’re so positive – sometimes it can feel a bit depressing when you see so many people not caring – my friend and I were discussing this in her Facebook Green Living group, how you stop yourself from feeling overwhelmed and put off trying.

    1. It’s so nice to hear that because I feel like I complain a bit too much sometimes. But I agree it is depressing when you see other people who don’t care.

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