The Henry

It’s my birthday today and as a present to myself because, well, why not? – I got myself a Henry vacuum cleaner. Henry’s are made in the UK so I passed my test not to purchase something made in China (although I have failed numerous times already this year).

We did have a vacuum, a Dyson, but we’ve both become irritated with it for various reasons. The dirt doesn’t come out of it without having to stick your hands in and pull it out which isn’t very pleasant; it doesn’t clean the floors very well especially carpet; on wood flooring the setting keeps flipping back to carpet so I keep having to adjust it as I’m vacuuming and lastly, I’m pretty pissed off that the billionaire founder, James Dyson, campaigned for Brexit and then promptly moved his business to Singapore. You don’t get to sink the ship and then jump on an exclusive lifeboat leaving everyone else to drown.

Our new Henry is superior to the Dyson in every way – it’s quieter, sucks better, is way cheaper, has a really long cord, looks to be better quality, is made in the UK, and he smiles at us. Henry’s are the vacuum professional cleaners use and I’ve also seen them in schools. They are simple, tough, and last a very long time which is everything a good appliance should be.