Global Climate Strike

Global climate strikes are planned for September 20 – 27th and I’ll be attending the Aberdeen strike on September 20th from 11am – 2pm. There’s a map at where you can find your local event. I urge everyone to attend for the sake of your children and grandchildren or, if you’re young, then for your own future.

It’s hard to believe that there are people who still deny the science of climate change but there are. I know there are because – I’m ashamed to admit – they are members of my own family. Climate change deniers don’t accept that the world is getting hotter while others think scientists are fudging the temperature records to further their careers and others again think humans are not the cause. These people are a minority but they have a disproportionately large amount of influence (think Donald Trump). They will not be remembered favourably by history but they’ll be long dead by then, having left their descendants to clean up the mess.

I learnt about climate change in high school when I was 13. That was 30 years ago now. Had my parent’s generation acted 30 years ago it would have been easy to solve the problem through gradual change. But now we’ve run out of time and the problem is infinitely worse than it was back then. It’s up to my generation now and we must act.