Wallpaper on every wall in an attic bedroom

Elizabeth’s bedroom has had a makeover. A couple of months ago we decided she needed a desk but it wasn’t as simple as just buying it. The only spot in her room for the desk was taken up with a built-in bookcase and when I pulled out the bookcase I discovered some hidden pipes. This is likely why the bookcase was there in the first place.

In removing the bookcase I also damaged the existing wallpaper and revealed a large section without any so it had to be redone. But what were we to do with the pipes? We got a decorator to quote for redoing the wallpaper and they wanted to box over the pipes with wood but that would have looked silly, like a cancerous growth along the wall of the bedroom. Instead, I decided to paint the pipes and leave them exposed and have the wallpaper go around them. We also had the wallpaper cover every single wall, including the ceiling and the end result is amazing. I’m posting photos largely because I wanted to see what an attic bedroom would look like with every wall covered in wallpaper and had trouble finding examples. Now we have our own example.


The pipes are still there, just behind the desk, but they blend in with the room. I got her desk on Etsy. It’s solid wood and very old. I like old furniture best because it’s better quality and adds character, unlike the mass-produced, soulless stuff you get in shops today.


I didn’t do the wallpapering and instead paid a decorator. It would have taken me months and months and the pipework and ceiling were tricky. Best to let an expert do it.

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