A cold, rainy picnic on the beach with seals

It was a cold, rainy, windy day today and we decided it was perfect for a picnic on the beach at Newburgh. Only in Scotland would you find people crazy enough to picnic in weather like we had today and we were not the only crazy ones there. It’s the first time I’ve felt the need for gloves in summer.




There’s a huge seal colony at Newburgh with hundreds and hundreds of seals. They bask on the north side of the River Ythan and people are discouraged from walking too near so it’s best to view them from the south side. You can still see and hear them and many swim quite close to the beach so you can get a good look. They look a bit like dogs swimming in the sea.




It’s a nice place to spend time not just because of the seals but also because it’s a peaceful, quiet beach – or at least it was until we showed up with several noisy children – which is not at all built-up and there are few tourists there.






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