Pitmedden Gardens

Last Monday was a bank holiday here and we took the opportunity to visit Pitmedden Gardens. Despite being only 14 miles north of Aberdeen, we’ve never seen them before. We visited the café once on a trip to Tolquhon Castle but have never stopped to look at the gardens.

Pitmedden Gardens is a recreation of a 17th Century Scottish walled garden with well-manicured beds and almost 6 miles of hedging. There were so many hedges! I don’t know how they maintain them all. It must be a lot of work. I’m not a huge fan of these types of manicured gardens as I prefer wild and messy but I did appreciate the peace and beauty of the place. There’s also a farming museum there and a woodland walk. If you like wandering around gardens then it’s definitely worth checking out.







Applying sunscreen.



This morning I went to the allotment and picked lots of tomatoes.


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